We’re published!

The Tales of Pete & Podge: A Naughty Pony

🎉 It’s done! It’s published! 🎉

You can buy ‘The Tales of Pete & Podge: A Naughty Pony’ on Amazon. It has the finalised cover design, and is ready to be read by pony-mad Kiwi kids (8-12yo).

Thank you to Nicole Wong for the illustrations – they’re amazing!

Buy your copy here: bit.ly/BuyPeteandPodge

The second instalment (The Tales of Pete & Podge: Show Ponies) is currently being written and designed!


Meet the real Pete & Podge

The real Pete and Podge horses

Elijah (Pete) is a big dark bay Percheron cross who is scared of his own shadow. Ever since he was a foal he had a bit of wonky nose so he has very loud, heavy breathing. This comes in handy when his owner, Jackie, needs to find him in the paddock – she can always hear him before she sees him!

Apache is a short, podgy pony who really is spotty all over! He is an appaloosa with a lot of attitude. He likes to embarrass his owner, Jodie, whenever possible – especially when they are at horse shows!